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This is our Substack-only podcast available to paid subscribers that gain access to our research team analysis and over 30,000 hours of deep analysis, data, and insights into Bitcoin, Altcoins, Web3, Metaverse, and Gaming. DC+ features our lead analyst and CEO, Paul Barron.

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Even More Blockchain and Crypto Tools

The Crypto Power Index is a deep insight technology that identifies trends and consumer behavior around the top Crypto Projects, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. The tool is an unmatched analysis of sentiment and amplification trends that assist you in your research for over 50 projects. LEARN MORE

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Market and Crypto Power Index breakdowns personally guided by our research and analysis team.

Crypto Power Index (included)

The CPI features historical and current sentiment analysis for key blockchain sectors to provide insights into the market. Now with over 50 Tokens and daily sentiment M-F.

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This is the ultimate tool for access to our research team and directly with Paul Barron, who often will answer your direct questions personally. You will receive a Slack Invite to join the exclusive Blockchain Mastermind Group.

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