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Coming soon: Polygon ZkEVM Launch ๐Ÿš€

NFT, Metaverse, Web3...What's coming?


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This is a Substack ONLY exclusive podcast available to Diamond Circle Plus Members. Hosted by Paul Barron and Kyle Willson, talking about the future of Web3, blockchain, and crypto. You will also get deep-dive data analysis on our Crypto Power Index and Paul's market analysis on a variety of technology topics.
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Two digital renderings of Porsche cars sit side by side. The left car is silver with a rainbow-colored hood and set against a blue-green background. The left is black with a zebra-patterned hood set against a red background.

Lambo Drop coming soon around their 60th Anniversary celebration.
Getty Images to jump into the NFT space with iconic musicians like Jimmy Hendrix. And the rise of AI artists is coming! Claire Silver signs as the first AI artist with WME and is being featured at the Louvre.

Web 3 Gaming

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