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Major NFT and Web3 Adoption Under way-get the Full Breakdown

Major NFT and Web3 Adoption Under way-get the Full Breakdown

This week's NFT news includes updates on ETH Shanghai

Web3 Games and Metaverse: 

Unity Eyes Web3 Adoption and Adds Web3 SDK To Their Verified Solutions List:

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BAYC Key Sells for $1.6 Million After Esports Pro Wins Game:

A still image from a Dookey Dash promotional video. Image: Yuga Labs

Esports player Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson has sold his winning “Dookey Dash” key NFT to billionaire entrepreneur Adam Weitsman for 1,000 ETH, or $1.63 million, the 18-year-old gamer announced Monday. Mongraal had previously listed the key NFT for sale for 3,333 ETH, which is equivalent to $5.43 million. 

ETH Shanghai News

LSD’s or Liquid Staking Derivatives like Lido and Rocket Pool could see an increase in their staking pools after the ETH Shanghai Upgrade:


Staking will now be available directly on popular cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask.

Blockchain software developer ConsenSys revealed today that its portfolio company, MetaMask, will be partnering with liquid staking providers Lido and Rocket Pool to allow its users to directly stake crypto through its browser-based and mobile wallets.

Justin Sun Increases Transaction Volume on Lido?

Bernstein analysts say that ether’s (ETH) price action is expected to be “cautious” until the Ethereum blockchain’s Shanghai upgrade, due later this month, as the market is concerned about a supply overhang. TRON Founder, Huobi Global Advisor and Ambassador of Grenada to the WTO Justin Sun joins "First Mover" to discuss his outlook on ETH staking and why he's "confident" for the Shanghai upgrade.

Factors to Consider for ETH Price Movement Post Shanghai:


Although Shanghai may cause a significant sell-off initially — due to a brief spike in available ETH supply — it is expected to be a short-term phenomenon, according to some analysts Blockworks spoke to. In the medium to long term, the upgrade may contribute to greater price stability.

Total Amount of ETH Staked Breakdown: 

Short-Term Bearish Sentiment?

SilverGate Bank Plunges after Crypto Platforms Distance themselves from SilverGate Bank.

Silvergate Bank announced it would delay the filing of its annual report on Wednesday, sending its stock price plunging over 10% in after-hours trading.

The crypto-friendly bank has said it would have to delay the filing of its annual 10-K report for the 2022 fiscal year, and would need more than an additional two weeks to complete it.


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